Deafening decibels

Well is that in dBHL or dBSPL? Hmm… binary choice of four lettered acronym or five letter acronym? I’ll go the 5 letter, simply because they’re impressive. You don’t often see a five letter, you know. I’m trying to think of one longer… WYSIWYG is about the longest I can muster.

Why do we have a passion in business for the acronym? I’m positive that you could cut an average of two working days out of every new employees learning curve if we simply dispensed with the pesky little beasts. This was until I realised that sometimes, when the acronym is explained, you’re just as wise knowing only the letters. At least WYSIWYG translated – what you see is what you get – is well, WISOTT (what it says on the tin). There are some fundraising ones which, while unintuitive, once translated again fall into the WISOTT category. Take LYBUNT as an example (Last year but unfortunately not this year… within the y for the year missing); you’re talking donations; it kind of makes sense.

dBSPL on the other hand means what? Decibels sound pressure level. Hmm… sound pressure? Is that when sound is under stress?

Yep, sound went out one night had a few too many schooners and racked up a huge gambling debt. Now the pressure level on sound is building. It’s so intense we get to measure it in decibels. Poor sound. It ‘sounds’ almost painful.

Perhaps I should sneak under the radar, leave the gate unlocked and let sound go AWOL. His PL would drop; and I’d be left with only dBHL and what to do about poor old sound would be SEP (someone else’s problem).


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