Conquering too much email

Recently I have started to learn more about LEAN principles. Originally a tool used in manufacturing it can sometimes be difficult to translate it to the office environment so I undertook a little internet surfing. This resulted in discovering an excellent article called Lean in the Digital Office from

Here are a few key takeouts (boy, is that a jargon word if ever I heard one… I’m becoming one of THOSE people…)

  • Multi-tasking leads to waste.
  • Don’t use ‘Reply All’ on emails unless it’s absolutely essential everyone reads your reply
  • Don’t make copies
  • Only use email for transferring data not for having conversations, and
  • Get rid of meetings which don’t make a decision or produce information.

To read more, the full article is here.

To my mind, I have a different strategy for conquering too much email. Apply the delete all button.

Gesso assistance


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