Change management in the freezer

I’m told that my new colleague puts names of people he doesn’t like in the freezer. Should I be afraid?

This is the person I need to seek out for internal communication assistance. I need help with the change management component of introducing a new database. I can see it now… oh, you think the new database is going to be more work? Next to the frozen peas you go. And you madam, think you can just keep that information on an Excel spreadsheet? Continue on that way and it’s beside the fish fingers for you.

To be fair, I came into the ‘freezer’ conversation half way through, so perhaps I have misinterpreted.

Just in case, I’ve been doing my own internet research about change management. I went to a course for team leaders on the subject about a decade ago. I was sifting through the papers in search of any pearls of wisdom and instead I found a quote which showed it’s age. I’m guessing although I did the course around 2001, that much of the course material was from the 1990s. It re-hashed the usual stories of naysayers on the next big thing… ‘they’re not going to go anywhere’ about the Beatles and the like. Yet this collection had it’s only little gem.

You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best. – Steve Jobs (when apple was still going somewhere).

Even the most ardent mac hater would be hard pressed to say Steve Jobs hasn’t left the world with tools that let people become their best. Unfortunately, while I agree with Mr Jobs that one needs to provide the tools, I realise there’s no escape from some kind of change management plan. To be honest, the freezer seems like a more attractive option. I’m as optimistic about successfully managing change as I am about leaving the dentist with a bill with only 2 digits. I like the pragmatic approach of one author. It was along the lines of ‘you can’t manage change in people; you can only be one step ahead of it.’ I also liked the argument that all change creates anxiety and so you just need to find something staff are more worried about and your change looks good in comparison!

Clearly, I haven’t found any masterful text on the topic. I’ll have to wait to see what freezer man says and just hope that he doesn’t put me next to the microwave dinner.


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