The chocolate mail preference

OK, you’ve spent months getting everything right for your new database. You have asked everyone in the office once, twice and some three times over what the ‘lookup’ values should be for all the drop down boxes and tick boxes for your shiny new database. In fact, you are just plain over it. You have asked so many times that surely you have to have covered everything.

Then some resourceful 30 something trendy loft living marketer comes up with a new concept and you have to change your database to adapt. This time it’s to cope with a new alternate format. Braille, large print, standard print – all old hat. You’re going to need to add a lookup value of chocolate. Yes you heard right. Chocolate.

At this point I apologise to my readers who are blind and using a screen reader as the video below uses printed text to tell the story. I’ve done my best to ‘audio describe’ it below the embedded link. The irony of this is that it is a video talking about how to get Direct Mail to appeal to all your senses!

Audio description of video:
Text on video reads: “Brief: Convince 6,000 top marketers and ad agencies that Direct Mail can have more profitable relationships because it can engage all five senses. Sight Sound Touch Taste Smell. Solution: send them a letter made entirely of chocolate”

Video then shows factory machinery piping chocolate into a large plastic chocolate mould. It looks to be about A4 paper size. The chocolate slab is then shown with the ‘text’ of the letter embossed into the chocolate slab. A worker uses a piping bag of chocolate to hand-write the recipient’s first name.

More text on screen reads: “The letter explains the principle of engaging the senses to create more emotive connections with customers. It asks the reader to admire it, smell it, touch it, snap it and, of course, taste it. And it asks them to call Royal Mail to find out more about sensory marketing. The full results of the campaign will be measured over 12 months. But, since November 19th, 51 leads have been generated from the mailing. 1.17 million pounds has been predicated from these leads. The mailing cost 210,000 pounds.”


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