A little gold dust

Welcome to the data monkey. Whether this will be a blog of gold dust or iron pyrites you be the judge!

What prompted me to start this blog? I have a job that I thought was common as muck. I work with data. Yes, that’s right, a database person, an analyst, a researcher, a reporting expert. Yawn? Perhaps. I hope that you will bear with me for at least one blog post before deciding that you’d rather watch paint dry. I hope to write about data in the not for profit world with a healthy dose of sarcasm. My favourite fundraising blog is by Jeff Brooks. His current blog post talks about a business book called Orbiting the Giant Hairball. Jeff, and evidently the hairball author, doesn’t take himself too seriously. I hope that I can attain a similar level of frivolity while conveying something worth more than a nanodot (whatever a nanodot is…)

But why bother writing a blog about data? Well, there seems to be a plethora of fundraising blogs out there. Many with very good content, however I thought I could offer a different perspective. If you’re a person who tears you hair out at processes like… ‘I just deleted the name because they sent the mail back and I thought that way they wouldn’t get any more mail’, then this is the blog for you. Before you think I’m starting a blog to have a rant about data donkeys, I should point out that when I’m calm (and not confronted by 5 codes meaning the same thing!), I realise that people in not for profits are often called upon to be a jack of all trades. Who manages your fundraising database? I suspect it’s probably a fundraiser, usually the Direct Marketing Manager. Who manages your clinical / client data? It’s probably someone who was once a service manager who was voted as having the most knowledge about a computer. Of course I think this isn’t the ideal situation. (After all, this is my livelihood). But it’s a situation I’m sure will continue – at least in small nonprofits who just cannot afford to employ a ‘data monkey’.

So whether you’re a fundraiser, a clinician or another data monkey like me, I hope that you will find some useful information in this blog.


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